September 15, 2011 § 3 Comments

A few days ago I came to a profound discovery. I can no longer taste carbonated beverages. Perhaps I would have noticed this sooner, but I don’t drink soda on an every day basis and it happened to be a random situation that I was ordering one in the first place. You see, I also don’t drink alcoholic beverages. So, when we go out with friends, in lieu of a beer, I will indulge in a sugary, fizzy soda as a treat. Apparently, not any more.

I blamed the CO2 at the restaurant for being out and drank my flat, sugary drink without complaint and even had a refill, not noticing a difference in the [lack of] carbonation. Lame. I was hopeful for the tingly bubbles that excites and thrills accompanying soda enjoyment.

What brought about this sudden flatness in my life? I have just exceeded my first week of tritrating a new medication. What does that mean? It means I am starting at a very low dosage and working my way up to a much higher one. What medication? Topamax.

I am super excited about this medication, despite the fact that soda is no longer appealing to me. I am I am still going to attempt my favorite, Jamaicaian gingerale, as I am hopeful that the fierce bite of that might penetrate the effects of the drug.

Most epileptic medication causes horrific weight gain as I have experienced in the past and Topamax has seemed to immediately curbed any sense of craving to graze or snack out of boredom, which is fantastic. There are also many, many accounts of significant weight loss, which I am not counting on, but could be a pretty neat fringe benefit.

There are no miracle drugs and side effects are always present. So far, I have experienced a few of the more common ones noted, such as paresthesia, which is a tingling kind of numbness usually in the hands or feet. In my case, it has mostly been in my face. It went away after the first couple of days, but I just increased my dosage, so I assume it will return again.

I have had some pretty outrageous mood swings. Breaking out into full blown random crying fits. I am unsure if these have been simply side effects or actual break-through seizures induced by the new medication. One type of my seizures presents itself by uncontrolled shaking sobs.

Other than that, I am just tired all the time. I am still working graveyard shift, which I know doesn’t help matters any. All I want to do when I get off work is sleep and all I want to do when I am at work is go home and sleep. I am hoping that once my body regulates to the medication that will ease up a bit. You know, that or I get a day job.

So, I am just one week into this new stuff. Decided to make a note of it. Haven’t really been keeping up the blog, so thought this was a good enough entry to revitalize my presence.


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§ 3 Responses to De-Carbonized!

  • Rachael says:

    Topamax never gave me the weight loss I was so excited about it, but then I do only take 100mg a day for migraine prevention. I know you really don’t have much of a choice, but aren’t you concerned about what sleep deprivation from your job will do to your seizures? Legally, jobs can’t make people with seizure disorders work over night shifts for exactly that reason. I was extremely nauseous at first on Topamax and that was the only reason I was losing weight at the beginning. Even thinking about food made me want to throw up! It all passed pretty quickly.

    • Correction Fluid says:

      I never got nauseous, but I did get the “stupids” that I read about – those went away, though and I am just my normal flighty again. I still can’t taste carbonation, though. Still get tingling in my nose.

      Technically they can’t make me work nights, but the job I was hired for was a graveyard position and there’s nothing that they can transfer me to. We have limited positions in my job and it’s not like they could just make up a token shift for me. There’s just not enough work. There was a new resource center built this year and now that I am with a new neurologist and doctors I have been trying to get into a day position down there. I feel pretty confident about getting in sometime after the holidays. I really can’t afford to leave this job and find a new one. I mean, I have this insurance and everything already. You know how it is. ..

      Also, I’ve lost like 20 lbs since I’ve started Topamax and am at 100mg twice a day.

  • Rachael says:

    nevermind. increased by 50mg yesterday and now i feel full all the time and even thinking about food totally turns me off. we will see about the weight loss, hopefully it can combat seroquel.

    yeah, i know what you mean… “token shift”…blah. yeah, my work has some really, really terrible practices. ironically, they took on a ton of employees from a company contracted out to them that they knew in advance were hired specifically because they had disabilities. but again, where else would i go right now?

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