Pedaling a Move-In

May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Finally, ┬áthe day that I had been agonizing over for the last few weeks has happened. Stress finally┬ádissipated? You’d think so, right? Yeah, not so much. Now there’s nails to remove from walls, carpets to vacuum, floors to mop, stoves and refrigerators to clean – you get the point. Luckily, I gave myself a few days to do this before the final move-out inspection. Also lucky for me, I am going to be receiving help in cleaning.

When it comes to friends, my cup runneth over. This Sunday, May 1st, seventeen people showed up with their bicycles and trailers to assist me with moving my entire apartment contents; furniture and everything to my new home about five miles away. After a late breakfast of doughnuts, bagels, orange juice and coffee, they helped carry stuff down from my third floor apartment, through narrow doors and loaded onto trailers all huddled along a sidewalk across the street.

Flexing for solidarity and sustainability!

The route couldn’t have gone smoother. The boyfriend had planned it out a couple weeks ago on my request and we both had been traveling by it to ensure that we wouldn’t run into any issues regardless of the scenarios. I had several “corkers” who were all very enthusiastic about assisting us get our trailers through the intersection safely.

After arriving to my new home, we unloaded all of my possessions into the basement and living room, feasted on chili and PBR and just basically enjoyed the sun and the job well done. All this was accomplished in less than 2.5 hours! For a very short afternoon, it was fantastically fun. I have been on the other end of bike moves before, but after having all that help from friends and strangers has been an amazingly uplifting experience.

So here I am.

Sitting in my new house. Trying to make it my new home, and realizing that it is no longer just my cat and I, like it has been for the last two and a half years. This is really where my life has reached a new season of adventure, self-discovery and all that sort of crap.

I guess it’s time to just sit back and watch this train wreck of my psyche unpack.


Pre-Moving Nervous Breakdown

April 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am moving May 1st.

It seemed like a good, arbitrary date to move. May Day. Beltane. A day historically associated with struggle and unification.

In Portland, OR there is a thriving bike community. Chances are, if you are reading this, it is because you are one of my friends, and I am being ridiculously redundant. If you’re not from the good ol’ PDX, well. . . there’s a thriving bike community. I’m involved in a group that is amazing in building friendships and perpetuating that community building.

We do these things called “bike moves.

These bike moves, they involve a lot of people with bike trailers, coffee and generally beer. A brief synopses is that people show up, eat doughnuts and drink coffee. After our blood sugar is sky-rocketed and our heart rates have risen to the level of hummingbirds, we begin loading up a person’s stuff. Like boxes and furniture and cats in crates. Strapping them down to our bike trailers, back racks and stuffing them into our panniers, we then make our way as a group to their new home.

Why do we do this? Why doesn’t the person just rent a moving truck? First of all, dependence on oil is bad. Second, unless you have actually participated in one of these bike moves, you don’t realize how awesome it is to have friends and people that you don’t even know assisting you in something that is pretty stressful. You can still stress over it all you want (as I know I will be doing the day of my move), but you won’t have to stress over how the majority of the stuff is going to be carried down those stairs or through that narrow door way. What are friends for, right?


I, of course, in my typical fashion, know without a doubt that no one will show up. It doesn’t matter that I have about a dozen people signed up on my Facebook event page. It doesn’t matter that I have had the event posted on the local bike community website for the last month. Absolutely no one is going to show up and I am going to be stuck trying to figure out how to get an apartment full of stuff across town to my new place in less than five days.

It’s totally irrational thinking. Not even true for a moment. Despite my self-deprecation, I have friends. I have people that want to help me out. I have a ton of friends. . . that are all going to be on a bike camping trip the same weekend as my move.

Yes, we even go on camping trips by bike.

So now I am back to square one. Everyone in town – dozens of people that generally help with bike moves, in my mind, are all going to be busy on May 1st, whether they are coming back from the camping trip, dancing around a May Pole or protesting Union worker’s rights at the court house.

This is the way I think.

Less than a week left. We’ll just see where that leaves me.

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